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Sunday, April 24

[REVIEW] Speedlink SL-6556-BK GAMEPAD

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I have been using this gamepad for a week now.It's one of the best alternative to an Xbox controller.I am an avid Video Gamer and I love playing FPS games using keyboard and mouse.I am also a fan of PES and FIFA.I have used a ton of gamepads in the past which includes the xbox and one from Logitech.I always loved the layout and ergonomics of an X-BOX controller over a PS3 one.
I am glad that I have this Speedlink gamepad which is an exact replica of an XBOX controller.I have tried this gamepad with a
couple of games.I have mentioned the performance of this gamepad in the review section.

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NOTE:This Gamepad also works with PlayStation 3 and Android TV.

Packaging and In-box Contents

-It comes with basic cardboard packaging.
-Instruction manual
-Installation disk
-XEOX Gamepad


Well the first thing I loved about the gamepad is the awesome build quality and looks it has.The entire body is rubberised and feels very soft and comfortable to hold.The body looks like a smoke black painted one ,which is fabulous in my opinion.The rubberised material may help your palm stay sweat free while using for prolonged gaming .One more good thing about this gamepad is its ability to switch from an XBOX controller to a regular Direct input controller.You can toggle it using the small button below the Gamepad. Because of this ,it will work with every windows PC game.

The gamepad has a very lengthy wire ,just shy of 2m.I would recommend the wireless version of this gamepad for those who hate being wired.Anyway nothing bad about the wired version ,it surely gets the job done and does save some of your money.The quality of the wire it good and seems durable.The ends are coated with hard rubberised material which prevents the wire bending from end.

The installation of the product was really quick.Just like a plug and play device, windows automatically installed the device drivers and I didn't even had to put the installation CD.As i mentioned earlier It comes with all the controls that an XBOX controller has with an addition of a rapid fire button.The rapid fire function may prove handy while playing shooting games like such as Call Of Duty, Halo, Counter Strike or Battlefield.

It comes with two pressure sensitive analog trigger buttons,2 360 degree analog sticks and 10 Digital buttons.All the buttons were functioning flawlessly ,The analog sticks were really smooth in controlling.The trigger buttons were very precise with pressure sensing .The face buttons were a little stiff for my liking.I had to press really hard sometimes in order to make them work.On the other hand ,the face buttons on my XBOX controller were the one I loved.But some people would love stiff buttons if they are used to them.The Dpad was very easy to work around.The bumper buttons were really clicky as they should be.
The XEOX button at the center lights up when you press on it.All for LED's will light up for Xinput.

#Gaming Performance
The first game I tried with this gamepad was PES 2015.The put it in the X-input mode and all the buttons were functions just as an xbox controller.Only X and B face buttons were swapped, which can be tweaked in the settings.The analog stick was very to move the player.And vibrations were working correctly.

I also tried this game with DON BRADMAN cricket which intern is my favourite cricket Video game.I put the gamepad in Direct input mode for its functioning;All the functions and controls are pre-configured in the settings and all of them works perfectly with this gamepad.The gamepad vibrates when you hit the ball or you get injured.The left analog stick is used to decide between front foot or back foot shot and the right analog stick is for playing shot.The right bumper button is to come down the crease and play a lofted shot.

The other games that i tried include NFS MW, NFS Rivals , FIFA 2013 ,European truck simulator and many more pending.The gamepad worked fine with all of these.
I didn't try FPS games because i always prefer keyboard and mouse for the same.

All in all I am very satisfied with the gamepad ,The quality and finishing is at par with other gamepads I tried.The buttons are functioning great except the face buttons I mentioned ,which you will get used to in a couple of days.The ergonomics are really great and perfect for your comfort.All the buttons are positioned very nicely.And the best part is ,It works with every windows PC game.So you don't need to worry about compatibility.Also it has vibration support which is missing in my Logitech gamepad.
Considering the build quality and the soft rubberised material it uses ,you cannot skim on this gamepad if you really opt to buy one at this price.

So, that's it from the review ,If you have any questions then please feel free to drop an email.
I hope my review was helpful.

By NickCyber


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