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  • Convert, Rip And Download With SuperEasy Video Converter 2 [Rewards]

    February 21, 2013
    Video remains the dominant form of media on computers, tablets and smartphones and is becoming more popular with every passing day. Yet video also remains problematic. Different devices work best with different formats and resolutions, making conversions a necessity. SuperEasy Video Converter 2 is one of many solutions developed to tackle conversions head-on.

  • Paste The URL Of Any Web Video & Grab Them Without A Fuss With Freemake Video Downloader [Windows]

    High speed bandwidth and anywhere-anytime mobile access hasn’t yet succeeded in giving online videos the spoils. Video download tools are yet to go out of fashion. You might see a common name that keeps popping up. Freemake Video Downloader (ver.3.4.3) is a good tool to have around if you are as enthusiastic about downloading videos from video hosting sites across the web.

    • Format Factory: Quickly & Easily Convert Multimedia Files Without The Headache [Windows]

      October 11, 2012
      FF - intro logo 1 (Resized)
      We’ve all been there, some more than others, but at one point or another we’ve all had to convert a file. But whether we knew how to or not, was the question. Sometimes with this sort of thing it’s simply the lack of knowledge of what to use. The other common issue is how to [...]

  • How To Convert, Rotate & Edit Mobile Phone Videos

    October 10, 2012
    I was recently searching my hard disk drive looking for a specific video clip recorded at a Christmas party a few years ago. While browsing the resulting clips, I noticed that some wouldn’t play back; others were at the wrong orientation for viewing on a computer, while others needed some serious editing. Fortunately there are many tools available online that can help overcome these problems
  • Edit Videos For Free On Windows With These Handy Tools

    September 24, 2012
    For almost every big software name, there's a great free (or even open-source) application alternative. The same is true for video editing software. Yes, we've all heard about Adobe Premier Elements, Pinnacle Studio, Avid Media Composer, and Sony Vegas; amazing software, every last one. Below are a few tools, ranging from simple to advanced, offering a large part of video editing functionality without charge.

  • Download And Record Music For Free Using Audials One 9

    August 30, 2012
    Audials One 9 Intro
    Music is one of the most traded forms of media on the Internet. But what’s the best way to get your hands on your favorite albums? If you’re tapped into an online radio station or streaming music through a service like Youtube, you can actually record it directly and save it to your computer. How can you do it? By using a program like Audials One 9.

  • Take Full Control of Your Multimedia With Audials Moviebox 9

    August 17, 2012
    Audials Moviebox 9 Intro
    It can be hard to find high quality multimedia tools that are free (as in beer). You may be able to find the occasional tool that lets you rip DVDs with ease or a program that effortlessly downloads a video from a website. And then there are audio and video converter programs. But what about a program that combines all of these into one? Prior to discovering Moviebox, Audials was a company that I’d never heard of.


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