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Thursday, April 21


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Buy this device from amazon India here :

This is the review for GeekTitan Desktop charger.So ,with this multi port USB charger you can charge any device which uses a USB charging port.As, it has 6 USB ports you can charge upto 6 device simultaneously. As stated my the manufacturer this Desktop charger can deliver upto 2.4A output from each port.
Well it doesn't end here ,this device is also equipped with SMARTIQ charging technology which helps it deliver right amount of current to the connected devices.The traditional charger comes with an a current output range of 500ma-2A For eg : Nokia lumia 730's supplied charger has only 750ma output which in my sense is very less.At the same time Oneplus X is supplied with 2A charger.
So I have tested this device with a few devices and the output is quite satisfying.The devices tested were YU yureka ,Nokia Lumia 730,Oneplus X ,Coolpad note 3 ,Brainwavz Bluetooth handset and the Nokia 215.
-Much more convenient than traditional chargers. You can keep this devices on Desktop ,making the charger more accessible.
-You can keep this Charger always plugged in to power supply.
-Only USB's are needed.
-Charges the device faster than traditional chargers (results are furnished below).
-Not heating issue with the desktop charger.
-Very lightweight and portable.
-Can charge any USB device.
-Its smart.It automatically detects the output needed by a device.
-Prevents Over Charging.
-Upto 6 devices can be connected simultaneously.

To checkout it's fast charging capabilities here are the results.

-Coolpad note 3 took approx. 2 hours 45 mins to full charge ,while with the original charger it took almost 3 hours.
-Oneplus X took 2 hours and 30 mins to full charge while the original charger did that in 2 hours 10 mins.(oneplus X comes with a 2A fast charger already).
-Lumia 730 took 2 hours and 50 mins to full charge while the original charger took 3 hours 5mins

I didn't time the charging speed with other devices though I have no complaints with this charger.It fully charged all of the devices in almost the same time that the original chargers does.In some cases the results were even better.
So,I think this charger is smart enough to output right amount of current.From what I have tested I would conclude by saying that ,Geektitan charger may charge your device much faster if your device is supplied with a 1.5A or less Ampere charger.
(The result may vary from device to device).

It's a must buy desktop charger if you have multiple devices which utilise USB port for charging.And especially if you want a more convenient way of charging.This could really help if you are staying in a hostel and are short of charging ports.I have already replaced all of my bundled chargers with this one.
I would surely recommend this device.Also Geektitan is offering 12 months limited warranty which again is a good thing.


✔ BEST MULTI PORT USB CHARGER: Eliminate the challenge of keeping multiple devices charged with GEEKTITAN - the Intelligent and Smart 6 port fast charger for unmatched performance and superior charging speeds!

✔ DEVICES CHARGE FASTER THAN EVER because of the groundbreaking SmartIQ Charger technology that allows for faster charging compared to traditional chargers!

✔ CHARGE MULTIPLE DEVICES: Today charging multiple devices is a nightmare. Use a Single Intelligent Fast Desktop Charger, which auto detects device and delivers best charge as compared to ordinary charger

✔ IDEAL FOR TRAVELLING: Portable design allows for taking this USB charging station to every edge of the world - perfect for international travelling, AC 100-240V input voltage!

✔ TOP-LINE QUALITY: constructed upon the highest quality and safety standards. Safely charges your devices. Robust construction guarantees years of excellent use and best value for your money.


The SMARTIQ Charger, allows to charge multiple devices, faster than ordinary chargers (conventional charger delivering 1-2A). The SMARTIQ Charger, detects your device and delivers upto 2.4A on each port to each device for fast charging. The Charger can deliver upto 10A combined for all 6 Ports.


Certified with CE, built with Industry Grade Materials & Premium Quality Circuitry to ensure complete safety and reliability during charging at all times. Your Device will never over-charge using this charger.

SMARTIQ Charger Compatible Devices

Samsung Galaxy S6,Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge ,Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Samsung GALAXY Note Edge

LG G4,LG G Flex2

All HTC Devices

All Motorola Devices

Xiaomi Mi3, Mi4, Mi Note

Asus Zenfone 2, Asus Transformer T100

Google Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P

Fujitsu F-05F,Fujitsu F-03G , Fujitsu F-02G ,Fujitsu Arrows NX

NOTE: This is NOT a Qualcomm Quick Charger, all above devices will only charge at 5V, but are supported upto 2.4A current, depending on the support from the phone. The charger will never over-charge, never deliver current higher than supported by your device.

5V/2.4A Compatible Models:

Apple: iPhone 6 Plus, 6, 5S; iPad Air, iPad Mini and all other models

Android: Samsung, Nexus, HTC, LG, SONY, Motorola and other phone models

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